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Benefits for value-added partners

Web Signage encourages and supports its own partners through dedicated services and processes, with the objective of standing out as the best enabling platform for the development of value-added services for digital signage and digital marketing.


A simple, powerful and ready-to-use platform at your disposal. The rest is up to you.

Web Signage is designed to provide simple and ready-to-use services along with several basic development tools for extensive and high value added activities and competencies linked to the implementation of digital signage projects and much more. For this reason, we facilitate convergence and integration of the best competencies among the various professionals of the IT world:

  • Developers of software solutions that are integrated or integrable with Web Signage
  • Developers of multimedia content
  • System and network integrators
  • Hardware producers


Therefore, we do not offer ourselves as an all-inclusive provider but rather as integrators and catalysers of the best competencies, within a shared and cooperative opportunity scenario. The services we provide are representative of our policy

  • Access to the server platform through a dedicated multi-user and multi-role application with customizable URL and logo
  • Partner area with support ticket management and archive, documents and resources, self-provisioning system for the management of player licenses, active resources and related contracts
  • Player Software installable for free on any PC, barebone or appliance with the option of integrating embedded solutions and testing of proprietary devices and peripherals
  • Software for development and testing of advanced customized templates to be used within the Web Signage management environment
  • XML - based interoperability model for CMS, management systems and on-line catalogues interfacing
  • Access to documentation and SDK for the development of kiosk and interactive applications
  • Support and consulting for the development of ad hoc projects
  • Possibility of integration with every device available on the market, even for the most advanced functionalities, such as video reproduction from external sources and implementation of computer vision systems for audience analysis


From the beginning, our team has been committed to research, development and sharing of innovative solutions

We instantly share all the projects that we develop because we are committed exclusively to the implementation and improvement of platform functionalities. We are constantly striving to integrate new applications and case studies with the platform for free. We promote our partners’ best competencies and expertise; we share opportunities, innovative models and facilitate the replicability of succesful case studies.


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