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Benefits for public services

Web Signage can be utilized as a multi-platform information tool in the public administration. It provides real-time communication about the status of public services and helps improve efficiency and transparency in the dialogue with users and citizens.


Perceived quality and communication

In the public service environment, organizational and environmental quality is essential for assessing the quality perceived by the user. It implies the ability of conveying information on the level of service coordination, as well as efficient access time-schedules and ambient comfort. Dead time is a critical step for any public institution (be it a hospital, a municipality or a transportation company). Within that context, the delivery of prompt and targeted information through descriptive images and icons testifies the institution’s attention and care towards the user. This testifies a strong commitment to build a bidirectional dialogue focused on the assessment of quality standards and audience appreciation.


Multi-channel integrated communication

Thanks to the diffusion of the Internet, the presence on the Web has been established by almost every organizations in the public service environment. Therefore, integration between the Web and Digital Signage represents an added value for communication, which becomes real where users are physically present. Web Signage already supports this kind of integration with different systems and applications developed by Edisonweb, such as Città Digitale (for PAs), Web Automation (Education Institutes, Service Companies, Healthcare Corporations), Web Locator (public transport management and travel time estimation).


Preservation of investments

The XML communication standard enables Web Signage to connect to any on-line data source through the integration and optimization of multichannel projects, which are also capable of preserving a pre-existing investment. Do not hesitate to contact us for free advice regarding the possibility of integration with on-line communication systems.


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