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Benefits for salespoints

Web Signage caters to commercial operators as well as franchising chains, department stores and supermarkets that want to build a digital signage network to display promo messages on digital screens. The simultaneous integration of Digital Proximity Marketing with Computer Vision techniques allows the measurement of audience attention degree. Communication campaigns, effective presentation of bargains, ongoing offers, promotions and analysis of the outcome can all be managed from a central administration.


Audience behavior

It is universally recognized that almost 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store. The message conveyed through communication systems located at the point of sales is able to reach the consumer at the place and time of the final purchase decision. A survey carried out by PRI (Platt Retail Institute) showed that the use of displays (such as plasma screens, LCD monitors, etc.) within the store increases the average expenses in supermarkets by up to 10-15%. In particular, a 25% rise was observed in sales of product categories promoted through video advertisement within the store.


Impulse buying

Impulse buying accounts for more than 30% of total retail sales. Dealers and merchants see the potential of impulse buying right at the point of purchase. An eye-catching and compelling environment can influence consumer behaviour. Appealing high-resolution graphics and flashy animation, along with strategically positioned displays, are effective at grabbing consumer’s attention. Digital signage becomes crucial for point of sales marketing, due to content flexibility for seasonal/campaign changes.


Marketing Mix and proximity marketing

Single retailers, supermarkets or franchising chains have the opportunity to run promotional campaigns through targeted multimedia messages delivered via QR Code that convey information on articles and stores where promotions are taking place. It is also possible to configure the issue of coupons and money-off vouchers on a daily or hourly basis, in association with the visual content on display.


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