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Comparison between Software as a service and "on site" software in digital signage

The supply model of Software as a service, also known as the ASP model (Application Service Provider), corresponds to the provision of remote access to an application hosting service through the Internet. You do not have to pay for software ownership but only a sum for the integrated use of essential services and accessories. We bear the responsibility related to system maintenance and updating, as well as obligations and compliance.


We are committed to providing the user with reliable quality hosting services and bandwidth distribution. We dispose of enterprise systems and infrastructures based on a multi-level architecture, located at the Microsoft Windows Azure data centers (technology leaders with high physical and logic security standards), connected to Internet through high-capacity multiple redundant lines.


Our systems are constantly monitored and updated by qualified system managers, in order to minimize service interruptions.


Recapitulatory chart of the two main supply models of Digital Signage Software:


Cost centers and functionalities Conventional on-site solution Software as a service (SaaS)
Initial investment for servers and architecture High None
Impact of resources and IT competencies High Low
Costs for current maintenance High Low
Management competencies High Low
Initial start-up time Long Short
Scalability Limited High
Access through browser Normally not available Fully supported
Remote access from any location Normally not available Access through browser
Distraction from one’s own core business High Low
Update management Difficult Easy
Time between successive updates Long Continuous
Management of application, installations and licenses Generally for workstations Limited accesses via browser


* Software "ownership" is often misunderstood. The appropriate definition is that it is ceded (and not sold) under perpetual user licence with express exclusion of proprietary and modificatory rights.


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