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The Digital Signage Software Platform

The Web Signage platform consists of an integrated set of services, solutions and tools for the creation, management and delivery of multimedia content to remote audio/video devices and mobile appliances, for both promotional and informational purposes. The platform is simple, complete, flexible and open to development and integration within different environments and markets.


The main components of the platform are the following:


Web Signage Server

A 100% web - based software provided as a Service (Saas) for effective workflow management linked to the production of

  • Multimedia content
  • Schedule planning
  • Content delivery to remote displays and devices
  • Monitoring and statistical analysis.


Web Signage Player

The Web Signage Player software runs on any computer connected to a display, enabling the execution of your scheduled playlists and delivery of targeted contents based on Web Signage Server settings. The software also manages the integration of any peripheral on the market.


Development tools

Software and complete documentation is provided for the development of advanced and interactive multimedia applications, web contents connectors, dynamic catalogues and third-party services.


The key features of our model

Web Signage proposes a simple-to-use, scalable and flexible model, including all the most requested and state-of-the-art functionalities available today on the digital signage software and digital marketing sector.


Ease of use

You will feel at home as soon as you start using Web Signage. Each functionality, from basic to the most elaborate, utilizes a recurring approach specifically designed to give you immediate and complete control over the tool, thanks to Edisonweb’s ten-year experience in the development of Web-based software solutions.



A single platform to meet all your present and future needs: you can add a player to your network at any time. Activation and expansion are available at no extra charge.



We want you and your business to grow and expand freely. No minimum contract duration or minimum purchase is required. You are free to terminate the service at any time. You can utilize whatever hardware and display you wish. The choice is completely up to you: we do not impose any proprietary solution.



Web Signage is the only software capable of integrating the following solutions all at once with no optional charges:

  • Digital signage
  • Audio diffusion
  • Bluetooth
  • QR Codes
  • Video sources
  • Computer vision system
  • Input and domotic peripherals support, interactivity, customized action commands and management of customized events
  • Compatibility with external data sources in XML universal format allows the development of solutions connected to third-party systems and databases.


Everything made simple

Ready-to-use graphical and application templates

We provide tools that give you the ability to utilize your Flash movies by means of dynamic content customization, together with a gallery of ready-to-use multimedia templates for different scenarios. In the same way, you can integrate and share web 2.0 services such as Slideshare, YouTube, Zoomorama and any other web service or website.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

An Internet access and a browser is all you need to start using all of the functionalities for the creation, planning and diffusion of content. No need for a server or a dedicated network. Unlimited support, updates and new software functionalities are available for free throughout the entire duration of the service.


Your TCO is exactly what you pay for, not a dime more.


Business-Ready Platform

No need for investments in server infrastructures, software and system management or hosting. All services related to maintenance, purchase of server infrastructures and bandwidth are included and guaranteed by the high quality standards provided by the leading technology of the Windows Azure™ cloud computing platform distributed worldwide. You only have to decide when and as to start.


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