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Web Signage Partner Program policy

Web Signage is an open platform that enables the development and implementation of a great number of value-added solutions. It represents a unique opportunity for system integrators, developers, professional web designers, communication experts, marketing and advertising agencies.


Therefore organizations that subscribe to the Partner Program, have the chance to qualify their competencies on the basis of specific criteria in the field of potential value-added services that can be implemented through the Web Signage platform, as well as the acquisition of specific benefits for each competency.


Subscription to the partner program also provides the following benefits:

  • Access to technical education events, acquirement of architectural indications and other tools intended for testing and development of applications testing as well as the integration of services and devices within the Web Signage platform
  • Enhanced visibility on the market; promotion of a competency to a targeted audience, enhanced market access by associating a brand to Web Signage
  • Enhanced profit and growth: promotion of your own solution, collaboration with other partners and expansion of your business into new markets through on-line tools and events. Opportunity of marketing your own solutions as well as the Web Signage platform
  • Listing in the Web Signage partner directory 
  • Access to Web Signage template sources which enable you to customize and develop evolved communication projects
  • Support and advice for development of ad hoc projects
  • Publishing of case studies


Types of partnership programs

There are five types of partnership programs: each one is designed to match specific business needs and ambitions.


Affiliated Partner

This type of partnership is addressed uniquely to organizations which, against payment of a royalty, generate opportunities and contacts for direct selling of Web Signage by Edisonweb and partners.


Technology Partner

This type of partnership is addressed to system integrators or technology partners, against payment of a royalty, generate opportunities and contacts for direct selling of Web Signage Edisonweb and partners.


VAR Partner

VAR partners implement, resell and support a complete Web Signage solution. The partner organization will have the opportunity to increase profits thanks to discounts on licence resale. The partner may decide whether to provide its own additional services directly to the final customer or resell those provided by the Web Signage team or its partners. In this case, the partner can benefit from a discount on the services.  


Premier Partner

A premier partner is a partner who collaborates with Edisonweb in the creation of selling and marketing strategies for predefined market and territory segments and /or channels. The premier partner (also with the aid of its own channel partners) implements a solution created with the Web Signage platform and provides planning, creative designing and implementation services. A Premier partner organization will have the opportunity to increase profits thanks to predetermined discounts on licence resale.


Strategic Partner

Organizations with high managerial skills and resources, that are able to provide commercial coverage on a national level, fall under this category, with whom a framework agreement for provision and marketing of Web Signage platform application and professional services has been signed. Subscription to this category is possible only upon invitation.


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