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Advantages of a Digital Signage platform in service modality

When you choose to build a digital signage network with Web Signage, you are provided with all the advantages of a web - based software to easily manage and deliver content towards hundreds of remote devices connected to the Internet. You can remotely manage, update, check and monitor displays located anywhere through the Internet from any location in the world.



A scalable Digital Signage model

There are many benefits to using the Software as a service (SaaS) model applied to a digital signage solution. For example, there is no need for costly server infrastructures, licenses, hosting services or specialized human resources for the management of systemistic, application and operational aspects. We do not require any charge for the platform licence or the number of users that access the system. Costs are proportional to the number of players that are activated and no minimum quantity is required, as well as no minimum contract period or penalty should you back out of the contract. You are totally free to start with a single display and add as many players as you wish from time to time.



All inclusive price

Your subscription to the platform user service includes everything you need to create eye-catching and state-of -the art digital signage projects, all at one price. The player software is free. Software activation and user licence are available at no charge. All present and future graphic templates, as well as successive software and platform updates, shall be provided for free during the whole subscription period.



No risks or unexpected events

Since no initial investment is required, you can set up a more accountable and risk-free business plan. Furthermore, the certainty of recurring costs related to an immediate and entirely deductible service will keep you from unexpected events linked to rapid technological obsolescence, fiscal and operational charges that bring about a strong depreciation of computer devices that usually occurs earlier than their fiscal amortization.



Experience and innovation at your service

Edisonweb activities are grounded on research and development of innovative software solutions. Ever since its foundation in 1996, it has been characterized as a software house, orientated towards the creation of tools for the management of Web information networks while focusing on a bidirectional dialogue with the user. The company stands out for the creation, in 1997, of the first Italian software for the autonomous management of public sector information websites and documents sharing for the Local Public Administration throughout the Web, as well as the creation of numerous Web - based applications. We were the first to create software for electronic commerce, catalogue management and web automation solutions and tools. We are considered pioneers of the modern Content Management System (CMS).


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