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A simple and accessible licence model to get started right away

The licence model is based on the price per player concept according to the period of utilization, with a minimum contractual duration of one month. There are two types of licence available: the enterprise, which includes the whole range of platform functionalities and the professional, with various limitations. For example, it has no report or client management functionality (mostly utilized by advertising agencies and media centers for resale of advertising spots)


Platform user licence Enterprise Access to the whole range of platform functionalities
Professional Limited version with no functionality of message display reporting
Platform usage costs Activation price None
Service price

All-inclusive on a monthly basis according to licence type


Platform utilization costs include all basic support services. Specific and dedicated support and formation requests can be evaluated.

Upgrades All upgrades to service and evolutive releases are included in the platform usage costs


Basic services included

  • Application hosting on servers and hardware located at the Windows Azure Platform Data Center
  • Basic filing space of 500 MB multiplied by the number of active players (1)
  • Unlimited accounts for access to software (2)
  • Unlimited bandwidth access for distribution systems at the Data Center
  • Software server user licence plus unlimited updates
  • Software player user licence plus unlimited updates
  • User licence for digital proximity marketing software plus unlimited updates
  • User licence for any dedicated application, such as interactive catalogues and queue elimination systems (3)
  • Assistance and maintenance for standard, corrective and evolved software
  • Operational, systemistic and middleware management at the Data Center

The following general conditions apply to the offer:

  • Connection to an unlimited number of displays (through video splitters) for a single player at the cost of a single licence. In this case, all displays show the same content.
  • Overall filing space of 500 MB multiplied by the number of acquired player licenses for clips, pictures and multimedia content in general


  • (1) Up to 500 GB of storage space and monthly traffic
  • (2) Access to the management platform by an unlimited number of users is allowed for Enteprise license 
  • (3) In some cases, are possible costs for the purchase of data or services of third parties (eg. Meteo)


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