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Roles, processes and ambits of utilization within a digital signage network

Web Signage is an enterprise-class distributed multi-user environment supporting an unlimited number of roles. Some examples of user roles are listed below:


  • The creative designer, responsible for the planning of communication campaigns 
  • The editor, responsible for content editing and production 
  • The scheduler, responsible for content planning and composition 
  • The publisher, who approves the schedules and initializes the content diffusion 


According to the size and layout of the organization, a user may assume more than one role. Regardless of the organizational complexity, the result is a streamlined chain of content production:


use case


Content creation

Multimedia content is created using the most common formats (gif, jpg, tiff, png), flash movies, videos and standard tools, such as Adobe® Flash®, Silverlight®, feed RSS, XML, HTML.



A wide range of templates and easy self-composition rules are at the basis of the production of Web Signage content. Expert users are provided with limitless customization options.



Content is managed with the utmost freedom and security using a centralized administration environment to take the contents from a repository and to define when and where it will be displayed. The content destination can be either specified as a single player or a player group.



Content is delivered to remote screens, audio devices and Bluetooth mobile appliances with a single mouse click, regardless of the technology used to connect the player to the Internet (UMTS, WiFi, WiMax, LAN).



Content is shown on one or more displays by the player software running on a Windows machine.


Distributed and collaborative architecture
Web Signage allows you to organize different areas and services, limiting specific users by defining tailored custom roles. This allows a flexible resource management and the delegation of specific activities to people outside your organization. Similarly, you can offer your clients a well defined and limited package of functionalities within the services and processes you provide, with the highest degree of freedom and efficiency.


Advanced management for advertising campaigns
Thanks to the ability to exactly determine location characteristics and their benefits, Web Signage is the perfect tool for the optimal planning of advertising campaigns. These benefits also depend on factors such as distribution of the audience, the gender, age class and income, which can be specified with a few simple adjustments.

Web Signage makes it possible to generate new campaigns, which can be optimized with a few clicks. The first step is the selection of the target characteristics. A list will then automatically be generated based on these characteristics and the locations will be sorted according to their relevance, including the expected success rate per location.


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