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An open, innovative and all-inclusive platform

Web Signage opens up possibilities to developers and is highly receptive to inventive solutions; it makes the difference in the kiosk software and digital signage world playing with open cards to encourage and stimulate research and innovation. From now onwards a wide range of effective integration of digital signage and proximity marketing solutions is available to build and expand your core business as well as create eye-catching and multiple scope communication solutions for your target audience.


Web Signage offers you the ability to:

  • develop your projects on an innovative platform that helps stimulate your creativity
  • quickly and easily build any kind of project, from the most simple to the most evolved
  • test the software, access tools, documentation and software for free
  • be confident that new functionalities will always be integrated for free, with no "optional" charges


Web signage technical potentials

Global Cloud computing platform

We rely on the Windows Azure™ hosting platform that enables us to deliver our service from Microsoft’s worldwide data centers.

All video formats

You can use every video format. 99.9% of all available codecs are supported.

All graphic formats

The most utilized formats are supported: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF.

Adobe® Flash® compatible

We use Flash® as the reference multimedia development tool for templates and interactive applications.

Video streaming

You can connect an external video source to broadcast in streaming, in FLV, F4V and MP4 format.

Video sources

Support for all kinds of external video sources (SAT, DTV, etc) through a USB Grabber or a video capture card.

Audio schedules

Clips and audio schedules support, independently from video schedules, for radio in-store projects, vocal announcements, commercials, ambient music, etc.

Ad campaign

Tools to plan campaigns and sell ad slots based on location and target.


Report and analyze performance data of ad campaigns.

QR code integration

Plan interactive campaigns through QR codes linked to video spots or other media.

Integration of on-line applications

Support Web resource and embedded HTML code.

Integrates CMS

Many vertical applications are available on the integrated CMS.

Free Web API

We enable the creation of new business solutions and their integration with third-party systems though standard WS-* interfaces.

XML integration

Support for the connection to XML standard - based external data sources.

Kiosk application

Command set and functions to develop evoluted kiosk applications with Adobe® Flash®

Audience analysis

Native integration to audience measuring systems through the anonymous face and expression analysis.

Emocube dashboard

Complete set of graphics for the visualisation of the anonymous facial analysis (gender, age, espression).

Dynamic contents

Tools for dynamic content development with Adobe® Flash® , based on the audience and facial expression.

External devices

Interfacing with external devices like domotic systems, measurement systems, peripherals, Arduino microcontroller through Adobe® Flash®.

Multi Language support

The plattform and the documentation is available in English, German and Italian. More languages will follow.

Monitoring Apps

Check status and performance of your digital signage network players, straight from your smartphone.

Remote Desktop Control

You can access remotely to your players, without the need of a physical presence.

Free player software

Guided installation and configuration procedure for embedded appliances or standard PCs. Available for free.

Embedded Player

It is possible to purchase an appliance with a preinstalled and configured player.

SMIL Player

Full compatibility with all devices and softwares conform to the SMIL protocol.

IP communication protocol

Web Signage connects to an Internet protocol (IP) - based network. Your digital signage network can easily be set up through a standard Internet access.


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