General information
[+] Q. What does the Web Signage platform consist of?

Web Signage offers the ability to build distributed Digital Signage projects - the future of advertising and communication. Information, advertising and other messages are displayed on digital signs located in public areas.

The Web Signage platform is open to developers thanks to the support of specific tools and the adoption of standard protocols that enable the development of complex communication projects and integration to other applications.

[+] Q. Who may be interested in implementing a digital signage network?

All those who want to convey information or an institutional or advertising message, or those who wish to develop this kind of service for their own clients (communication or advertising agencies, media centers and the like). Within the retail environment, the goal is to increase sales or improve quality perception of a brand or service.

[+] Q. What does proximity marketing mean?

Proximity marketing is a host of promotional and comunication activities that occur in a physical place through digital tools and multimedia channels, interactive and dynamics.

[+] Q. What kind of applications can be realized with proximity marketing?

There are many ambits of application:

  • In supermarkets and department stores: delivery of electronic discount vouchers and
  • On a trade fair or congress: maps, event agendas and speakers’ business cards;
  • Tourist info point: guides containing cultural, gastronomic and accommodation information, etc.
[+] Q. How do digital signage and proximity marketing integrate to the Web Signage platform?

Web Signage natively integrates Digital and Mobile Signage in a modular and complementary way. Video clips can be associated to an external content through a QR Code, adding to the visual experience the interaction with mobile devices.

[+] Q. Can I try out the service first?

Yes, you can. You have to request the activation of a demo account, and then you can download and install the software player for free.

[+] Q. What is the sales modality for Web Signage?

Two kind of services are offered:

Essential service components related to network management software, distributed by the Microsoft Windows Azure platform including: hosting, filing, bandwidth access, assistance and maintenance, player software and server licenses with free unlimited updates.

Dedicated professional services for the development of multimedia content, templates or applications for specific uses.

[+] Q. Where can I purchase the Web Signage service?

Web Signage is commercialized through direct sales channels by Edisonweb or its partners.

[+] Q. Why is Web Signage only provided in Software as a service modality?

The implementation of a network infrastructure distributed throughout the territory, where players communicate through the Internet, implies the utilization of aggregator servers connected to the net through significant broadband communication channels, as well as enterprise hosting environments, infrastructures and continuous systemistic and monitoring management activities. The Software as a service modality through Microsoft Windows Azure ensures high levels of excellence and security and eliminates the need for high initial investments and management, usually required when implementing a network of this kind.

[+] Q. Can I use the free software player without purchasing the service?

Of course not. The player is incorporated to the infrastructure and a server is needed to manage and arrange content.

[+] Q. Is there a maximum traffic limit to the service?

There is no traffic and bandwidth limit.

[+] Q. Is there a limit to clip filing?

Each player contributes to 500MB of storage space. For example, in case of a network with 10 players, the clips will have up to 5GB of space available. If a clip is transmitted by more than one player, the counted space will correspond to one only.

[+] Q. Can I customize or create additional graphic templates to the ready - made ones?

Yes, you can, as long as you know how to use Flash® and utilize our Signage Template Manager free software. The kit comes with documentation and a series of examples.

[+] Q. Does Web Signage support connections to other external data sources?

Yes, it does. It adopts the XML standard. A series of technical articles and documentation to illustrate different application ambits will be published periodically.

[+] Q. Where can I find information and application examples for Web Signage?

We created a blog nfor this. We want to encourage you to visit it regularly, as our partners keep contributing new tips and information. You can also access our group at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Platform and infrastructure
[+] Q. Which types of Internet connection do the players support?

Any TCP/IP access, either direct or through a gateway, on a WiFi, Wired LAN and UMTS network. You must bear the bandwidth in mind, both during the player update phases and in case of execution of external connections, such as FLV videos. The player has an intelligent caching mechanism to limit the download activities to new or changed contents only (even of videos).

[+] Q. What is the update frequency for the players?

It can be selected from the management platform, according to update frequency of schedules and content. It also depends on how quickly you want updates to be propagated to the player. You can set the update interval from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

[+] Q. Do you also provide hardware devices?

We only provide software services and customization solutions, if required. You are free to use any kind of hardware device you want. You can also ask for advice and support from our specialized partners.

[+] Q. Where are the centralized servers that execute Web Signage located?

They are located at Microsoft Windows Azure data centers, state-of – the -art structures that ensure a 99.95% SLA, with automatic updates, network balancing and flexibility in case of hardware failure.

[+] Q. What kind of operating system does the Player support?

All Microsoft Windows operating systems, starting from Windows XP SP2.

[+] Q. What kind of integration exists between Flash® and Web Signage?

The Web Signage templates are Flash®-based. This means that the template is built starting from a flash movie (with SWF extension) and adding dynamic elements. These elements can be managed and customized with the help of a specific tool, the Web Signage Template Manager, supplied for free.

[+] Q. What is the maximum coverage range for Bluetooth transmission?

It depends on the type of Bluetooth device installed. There are two kinds available: Class 2, with coverage range up to 10 mt and Class 1 with a maximum coverage range up to 100 mt. Actual coverage depends on the presence of obstacles and characteristics of the area.

[+] Q. How many operators can access the Web Signage management system and what are their limits?

There are no limits since it is a multi-user system. Furthermore, the administrator may establish and assign different roles to the operators, in order to differentiate functions and responsibilities within the organization in charge of the digital signage network management.

[+] Q. Which mobile devices support the Bluetooth proximity system?

All kinds of mobile devices such as cellular phones and PDAs equipped with Bluetooth®. For most devices, the Bluetooth needs to be expressly enabled. 

[+] Q. What kind of content can be delivered via Bluetooth?

It depends on the receiver’s device and cannot be determined beforehand. The most common image formats are gif or jpg. Vcard formats for the creation of cards and business cards are also very popular. As for more complex applications (Flash Lite or Java), the potential audience must be kept in mind.

[+] Q. Has a Web Signage Partner Program been provided for?

Yes. Please click here for more information on the program and its key features. We have provided for different profiles according to the type of competency. 


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