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Web Signage Server


The Multimedia Content Management System Server is the core of the Web Signage platform and is centrally located at the Windows Azure Data Center and is intended for the management and organization of multimedia content and schedule planning. 

The application is provided in Software as a Service (SaaS) modality and features different functionalities and properties:

  • Each player can be enabled and configured from a remote location 
  • Players are grouped together into a logical collection to allow massive content saving
  • Players connect automatically to the system and receive software and content updates
  • Schedules can be planned by period and time
  • Schedules can be published for each player or group of players
  • Content preview and precompilation functionalities ensure full control over publishing activities 
  • Message display reports by target and audience and on the basis of the attention degree analysis carried out by the player’s computer vision system

The application is divided into operational modules. Different prerogatives, related to access and operativeness within the multi-user and multi-role management environment, can be defined for each application.




The platform allows for the management of an unlimited number of users and application roles, thus enabling the utilization of Web Signage on the basis of different tasks and responsibilities of any kind of organization and dimension.  Operators can customize their own environment and utilize the functionalities for which they are   authorized in connection with the roles, which may be changed, developed over time or expanded. Each system record can also be associated, handled and shared on the basis of variable functional and organizational criteria within the ambit of a Workflow and consistent automation of organizational processes.



Resource management

Every video and/or audio player are registered and displayed within the system and organized homogenously by target and group. It is possible to visualize the status, configure updates, adjust the layout, configure parameters for devices, schedule the on/off switch, share or assign players with other platform users. 



Creation of content

Web Signage offers the ability to customize and create content for a multimedia library, an helpful tool for planning schedules and assigning players, thanks to predefined templates. You can also refer directly to websites and Web applications.



Schedules for content arrangement

Each element of the multimedia library can be added to a playlist (video and audio) and scheduled to air at a specific time. Elements can also be added to an unlimited number of schedules associated to a player or group of players.



Plug-in Web XML

Web Signage includes a series of applications to help you build vertical market strategies quickly and effectively. These applications, known as plug-in Web XML, offer the ability to manage content based on product catalogues, services, news, weather updates, localization, etc. The applications are continually updated and made available together with their templates.



Publishing and diffusion

Once you have organized resources, developed the content, verified the information and scheduled the execution, you can preview the playlists connected to each player and start diffusing them to each player or group of players. The players download and display new content immediately, according to update frequency.



Reports and statistics

Each passage and display time of video and audio content is stored inside the platform and outlined through a series of reports on content execution statistics, on the basis of players, groups, time and number of passages, in association with commitment buyers as well. Data is also crossed with the logs generated from the analysis system for attention degree.



See the functionalities for yourself

Discover more about these topics by consulting the Web Signage Server on line guide or the video tutorials on the main functions.


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