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Web Signage Open Communication Interface

Web Signage's communication architecture OCI (Open Communication Interface) is provided with several services that match the WS-* standard. For the optimal management of advertising campaigns, they enable the creation of new business solutions and their integration with third-party systems.



OCI Diagram



All Digital Signage networks, which have been realized with Web Signage Enterprise, integrate the OCI architecture. This makes possible to implement a secure and authenticated access to the platform through third-party software, which is able to communicate over the freely accessible OCI architecture. All administrative functions of Web Signage, such as planning, management and the final settlement of an advertising campaign are available.


Handling and exclusive features

The access and the usage of OCI are freely accessible, at no charge. The only requirement is the access activation through the Web Signage platform. There are no registration costs for the SDKs or licenses and there is no usage or number of connections limit.

  • OCI is the first interface for managing advertising campaigns, which is completely compatible, freely available and at no charge
  • Web Signage is the first product for Digital Signage that works on the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing platform.
  • Thanks to the Service Bus Technology of Windows Azure it is possible to implement the OCI interfaces with those solutions that are secured by restrictive protection systems without having to change the security settings or reconfigure the firewall.


Possible Example of Use

The enterprise Rossi is a Media Center, which manages the Digital Signage network through Web Signage. He wants to implement an online solution, which becomes the interface to Web Signage. Thus, advertising spaces can directly be sold over the internet portal.

  1. The internet portal of Rossi accesses Web Signage through OCI Security Service and the corresponding login data. This enables the direct access to the Digital Signage network.
  2. The client authenticates itself thanks to the OCI Clip Service and starts with the creation of the product advertising, which will be approved at the end.
  3. After having selected the target group, Rossi's client will receive a location list and a quotation for the product in question, with the help of the OCI Location Service.
  4. Afterwards, the client will choose the desired campaign and time frame by using the OCI Campaign Service. The campaign will then be played close to the target group.
  5. 5. At the end of the campaign, the client will receive a performance report, which has been created with the OCI Report Service. The invoice will directly be sent from Rossi's management software. In the meantime, Rossi has received the data from the OCI Data Service.

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