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Benefits of Digital signage and Digital Proximity Marketing

The Digital Signage market is constantly growing thanks to the multiple advantages and benefits for each application scenario.

In retail environments the information relates to offers, prices and product availability within a specific time-frame. In public services (healthcare sector, municipalities, institutions), messages are provided to help users find the right path or useful information and save time when making a purchase decision. The development of promotional content or automated information, offers an immediate return on investments to advertisers and value-added service integrators, for both content development and rental of advertising spaces. Digital Signage, combined with the so-called Bluetooth Marketing, enables the integration of multimedia messages with visual content, delivered freely and automatically to all Bluetooth enabled mobile devices located in the immediate area of the player.


There are at least three advantages over traditional communication media:


  • Content is displayed through electronic screens or video-projection
  • Content can be changed without manual intervention
  • Messages can be delivered at the right time to any specific location


Further key features and advantages:


Cost and time reduction

Messages can be changed easily and quickly, predefined templates, previous advertising campaigns or contents already published on the web can be re-used. The message runs through the network and is distributed instantaneously with significant time savings.



High-resolution graphics and advanced technology offer unparalleled opportunities to capture the audience’s attention and make a high impact on consumer’s decision.


Marketing Mix

Integration with Bluetooth technology to convey promo messages, information and multimedia content in general to mobile phones, allows for mixed marketing initiatives, such as:

  • special offers
  • discount coupons
  • promotional images
  • videos related to products on sale
  • event invitations


Measurability of message effectiveness

Message effectiveness can be gauged using a computer vision system that automatically detects the degree of audience attention and appreciation, enabling the correlation of data with sales increase.


Quality Perception

The Digital Signage audience has the perception of being updated and well informed in real time. Consequently, customers develop a favourable attitude towards the brand, institution or organization that provides a specific service.


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