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Digital signage, kiosk, audio diffusion, proximity marketing, management of advertising spaces and much more... all in one software

Web Signage, an integrated software platform complete with Digital Signage, Audio Diffusion and Proximity Marketing, allows you to easily and quickly create eye-catching multimedia contents, develop interactive kiosk applications, schedules and digital catalogues. Information and promotional clips are displayed on remote screens, audio players and, using the Bluetooth technology, on mobile devices.


Our digital signage platform offers following features:

  • Multimedia Content Management to create and plan multimedia schedules to be displayed on remote digital signs, radio diffusion and content delivery to mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • Resilient and dependable application and service management platform hosted on Windows Azure, the global cloud computing platform by Microsoft.
  • Free player software for execution of audio/video content and Bluetooth content dissemination
  • Ready-made multimedia templates to easily and quickly create dynamic content
  • Ready-to-use catalogues and advanced functionalities for different vertical markets
  • Software tools and source files for the development and testing of advanced Digital Signage projects
  • Premium assistance, including unlimited updates, dedicated documentation and support

What can you expect from digital signage:

  • Freedom to use any kind of hardware device you wish
  • Simple wizards to start working straight away on your own
  • Native integration with any external video source such as satellite TV and digital terrestrial TV
  • Complete set of commands for kiosk applications development
  • Webcam–based computer vision system for automatic audience analysis


Imagine your new business
There is a strong growth ahead for digital signage worldwide, so why not seize the opportunity? Web Signage is the chance for system integrators, creative designers, communication experts, web designers, developers, marketing and advertising agencies, thanks to innovative analysis, integration and development tools, allowing you to leverage on the solution in order to develop value-added creative services.
Reach new multichannel consumers through effective communication
Web Signage caters to commercial operators all tools needed to build a network to deliver promotional messages to digital billboards, in - store radio projects, computer vision systems for statistical analysis of digital signage campaigns while integrating Bluetooth Marketing advertising and information campaigns at the same time. 
A new service dimension
Service companies and the Public Administration alike can make use of Web Signage as an information tool.  It allows real-time communication on the status of public services and a more effective and transparent dialogue with citizens.

Leading brands and companies choose Web Signage powered solutions for their communication and proximity marketing projects

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